After Lost Two Legs and One Eye, She Still Lives in Good Life 7 months ago

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The poor cat was found in her horrific injuries when she was very young, her two front legs were completely broken. Her jaw and one eye were also severely wounded.

After taking her to a vet, she had received good medical care and nursed her back to health. She is a beautiful cat, she just has life like other cats and she’s able to do everything and very playful.

She is really strong and she can walk up and down stairs and play chase with other cats by bouncing like a little mini kangaroo. She can jump high up walls and ledges, too.

She is completely transformed and she will continue her life in a sweetest home where she can feel comfort and loves.

It’s an incredible story that restored our faith in humanity, we thank everyone that give her in wonderful life.

Courtesy: Siriwan Kongsaen